Differentiate Your Business through Impact Modeling from ImpactableX

ImpactableX uses an impact analysis methodology designed to provide founders with a simple approach to implementing the outcome.


Many founders think that impact analysis is complicated. To some extent, this may be true, considering that there are many jargons and approaches to impact analyses. This may explain why there is a common perception that the process is tedious, lengthy, complicated, and academic. Some founders think that impact analysis is only suitable for companies at their later growth stages but not for startups. However, the truth is that impact analysis provides practical solutions and makes critical resources available. ImpactableX is determined to ensure that business impact analysis for startups is easy. Our impact analysis products got developed to make it possible for startups to implement the results into their model from the start. Our certification and methodology allow founders to, among other things, understand how social impact translates into real value for their business, how outside funding can create impact, and how their products alter scarce resources.

ImpactableX uses an impact analysis methodology designed to provide founders with a simple approach to implementing the outcome. With or without primary data, our framework makes it possible to start making assumptions. Through our framework, founders understand the impact mechanics of their business and make better assumptions with time. ImpactableX will also allow startups to carry out impact modeling during the early business stages. Business modeling enlightens us about the impact potential of your startup under various circumstances. Impact modeling is a powerful tool for creating social value for your business.

ImpactableX uses an analysis template known as the xModel framework. There are three levers to impact analysis: definition, attribution, and valuation. Definition: This entails defining the primary impact metrics of the company. We identify the measurable impact during the definition stage. This is a demonstration of the primary mission and value proposition of the company. Attribution entails the evaluation of what a product contributes to a problem as compared to the baseline. Valuation entails translating impact data into finances by capturing the value that the company’s revenue does not reflect. Our modeling framework will make it possible for startups to differentiate themselves among investors and customers.

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