How to Access Social Impact Funds from Impact Investors

ImpactableX has developed a simplified way to measure impact, aligning it with global standards.


Anyone who wants some capital from impact investors has to disclose how they measure impact at their institution. Although there is no clear expectation for the response you should give, anyone wishing to invest in your institution will ask questions. An impact investor should require business owners to report and track their impact and their financial data. Founders who have clear analytics and data stand a better chance with impact investors because their preparedness inspires confidence. If you want to differentiate your institution, it is prudent to invest in accurate impact analytics. Unfortunately, many founders don’t have the resources to invest in impact assessment. They are also perplexed by the endless taxonomies in the space of impact analysis. Thankfully, ImpactableX has come up with a simplified way to measure impact.

Most of the companies that have benefited from our services have received millions in funds from their impact investors in the space of one year. Our modeling strategy aligns itself with global standards. We align our modeling framework with global standards as set by IMP, IRIS+, SDGs, and B Certification. The standards were designed to align the measurement metrics with the goals pursued by every institution. If your organization aligns itself with these global standards, the generated analytics and data will become compatible with the other frameworks that are referenced. Measurement metrics don’t have to be pulled from the standards. It is not worthwhile to measure units that don’t provide any insights or meaningful data. Metrics have to be defined for them to become measurable and meaningful. After defining them, we can align them with global standards.

Investors likely to invest in your company don’t expect that your company’s innovation will save the world. All they want is the tracking of a few metrics throughout the investment. It is fundamental to only measure what is meaningful to the impact investor. It is fundamental to clearly outline the time-saving, cost-saving, and enhanced performance of the innovation. However, it is crucial to articulate the extent to which an impact performance provides a solution to a problem. It is crucial to access social impact funds. To learn more, go to our website.

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