How to Build a Successful Business Using Tried and Tested Impact Assessment Tools

ImpactableX simplifies the process of impact assessment and helps founders understand the value generated by their innovations.


There are many avenues for startups to impact society. However, many social entrepreneurs and investors cannot seize the opportunity because they cannot identify avenues for impact creation. The truth is that many global challenges require innovativeness and technology to overcome. For instance, climate change has impacted our world both environmentally and socially.

The rallying call is for businesses to implement measures to alleviate greenhouse gases. By minimizing your carbon footprint and becoming an environmentally conscious organization, you can win like-minded customers and become successful. The social mission of any startup influences every startup significantly. Unfortunately, many founders do not know how their institution can drive environmental and social impact. Through social impact assessment, founders can acquire the tools required to build enterprises aligned with their mission.

If you want to unlock the enormous social capital potential, please hire a seasoned impact assessment company. Most founders seek clarity regarding the impact of their company's operations. However, the process is often confusing and overwhelming. The perception is that impact assessment is an expensive process outside their limited budgets. ImpactableX simplifies the process by using social impact assessment tools that generate standardized, quantified, and verified impact analytics. Our methodology applies to any institutional model and at any level of impact. As your organization evolves and new impact data gets collected, you can adjust the inputs to the model to receive insights. Our approach offers centralized, consistent, and dynamic management tools. ImpactableX uses three components to help startups build their model.

We help investors and social entrepreneurs comprehend the value generated by their innovations. The social impact generates enormous value and saves costs. Unfortunately, this value does not reflect in the financial books of the company. Our valuation component captures the value through the calculation of the environmental and social value created. We help founders to apply our impact assessment approach to their unique institutional model. Founders should articulate how technology and innovation influences change. As our world evolves, we should be ready to implement changes that help solve emerging challenges.

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