How Your Startup Can Have a Lasting Impact on a Vulnerable Planet

ImpactableX uses xModeling techniques to decipher primary levers in business models that bring about change and impact, providing founders with insights into how their companies can have an impact.


ImpactableX uses outstanding xModeling techniques to decipher the primary levers in various business models that would help bring about change and impact. With our analytical prowess, we give founders more than a static analysis of impact but also a dynamic structure for the management and quantification of this impact in the early stages of business. With xModeling founders can gather strong insights into how their companies can have an impact and the depth of the potential of their institution over time. Our social impact assessment is the stepping stone that will propel your company to growth and recognition as a socially and environmentally beneficial institution. Our team will generate xModels and certify the generated analytics. Upon building an xModel, profound impact analytics are generated, lending useful insights into how efficient a business model is as an impact-creating lever. ImpactableX encourages founders to invest in and build companies that have a measurable and meaningful impact on the environment and society.

With our xModels, startups can refine and validate the essential levers that generate impact and continue to build on this as the business grows. ImpactableX relies on comparable technologies and research to generate variable data. After generating this data, our team validates and refines the variables through the collection of primary data from the places and people who have experienced this impact directly. Our role is to assist founders in understanding the variables within the xModels that require validation. We will gather the necessary data to facilitate the process. Primary data is fed into the xModel of the company to automatically generate new analytics. Every lever drives impact. We help founders acquire the tools needed to manage their impact and financial performance with purpose and clarity.

If we are to overcome the pressing challenges of the world, we have to invest in and build on solutions that have the highest potential to bring meaningful impact. Our vulnerable populations and planet need meaningful solutions. ImpactableX enables the smooth collection of data across portfolios. We also analyze impact data for fund managers and accelerators. We also define, execute, analyze, and report on the change theory.

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