Identify and Define Impact Creation Through Impact Assessment

ImpactableX is a social impact assessment tool that simplifies the process of measuring impact and provides proof points to indicate the value generated by innovations.


Social capital can fundamentally influence the performance of your startup. Many investors and social entrepreneurs struggle to measure impact. Founders may not have the insight needed to drive environmental and social impact. If entrepreneurs can accurately identify the impact capacity of their businesses, they can unlock the numerous sources of social capital available to them. Everyone wants some clarity regarding the impact of their company's operations. However, most of us are perplexed about how to seize this opportunity. The expectation is that impact assessments will be costly and farfetched. The truth is that this space contends with complex terminologies and approaches. However, there are social impact assessment tools that can simplify the process of measuring impact. ImpactableX uses an acclaimed and simplified methodology for the standardization, verification, and quantification of impact analytics.

The primary modeling framework used by ImpactableX makes it possible to evaluate impact generation, notwithstanding the growth situation. Our framework offers insights on how to arrive at management resolutions that maximize impact and revenue. The modeling framework applies to every business model, irrespective of its impact level or developmental stage. As sales change and new data are collected, the inputs to this model can be changed to reflect the new reality. At every level, our impact model will help you understand the prevailing consequences. Our approach offers more than static quantification snapshots. It yields a centralized and consistent tool of management that evolves as business realities change.

Every innovation has some impact on the business organization. ImpactableX will provide proof points that indicate the value generated by these innovations. Social impact will be valuable to the business. It will also save money. Unfortunately, this value does not reflect on the company's revenue. ImpactableX will identify this value by assessing the costs saved by a given demographic and geographical region. It is possible to evaluate the extent to which sales impact creation.

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