Scale Up Business Performance Through Impact Evaluation

ImpactableX translates the value into revenue, unlocking significant insights into the efficacy of business models as sources of impact.


There are many taxonomies and approaches in the space of impact evaluation. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline the seventeen goals that stakeholders agree to align themselves with. IRIS+ has released various impact evaluation resources as well. IMP (Impact Management Project) also published five impact dimensions that drive convergence on what everyone ought to measure. B Certification is a mode that is widely recognized. It measures the impact generated by the operational footprint of a company. The frameworks discussed offer little guidance to social entrepreneurs and impact funds. They cannot explain how a growing corporation can quantify the environmental and social impact to drive sales. Although we may align our operations with IRIS+, IMP, and SDGs, it is still hard to understand how this measures quantities.

Startups and growing companies have inexistent or scant data concerning their impact metrics. Therefore, it is hard for global standards to offer any meaningful insights. ImpactableX provides a framework for impact evaluation to dynamically model the creation of impact. We align our processes with the global standards as outlined by IMP, IRIS+, and the SDGs. ImpactableX helps various businesses quantify their impact potential. We also offer clients access to the tools they need to effectively manage the impact. Our model is designed to capture the mission of your company. Using three components, we evaluate the impact. The components include attribution, definition, and valuation. Our team starts by defining the core metrics of the company. Afterward, we measure the extent to which services or products impact environmental or social challenges. The measurement insights come from third-party research. The last step is evaluating the financial implications of the impact. ImpactableX converts the impact created into financial figures.

Social impact yields an external value that is not depicted in the revenue books of the company. ImpactableX translates the value into revenue, unlocking significant insights into the efficacy of business models as sources of impact. ImpactableX uses a simple modeling process. Our seasoned analysts will guide your management crew through the steps. Every company in our portfolio has access to our services for one year. Our mission is to scale impact using our outstanding resources.

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