Translating Social Impact into Revenue Through Impact Assessment

Impact measurement gives founders the chance to comprehend the value generated by their innovation and translate this value into revenue.


Although many founders think that impact assessment is reserved for large corporations, their startups can reap the benefits of the process. ImpactableX is a company that uses a renowned impact methodology to measure the impact potential of growing businesses. Our model provides a primary framework for founders to measure the generation of impact under different growth situations. Using our modeling criteria, companies will arrive at management decisions that maximize impact and revenue. Our model applies to any model of business, any impact level, and any level of business development. As the sales of a business change and new impact data gets collected, the inputs to our model can get revised to understand the consequences. ImpactableX uses an assessment model that provides more than static quantification snapshots. Our model delivers a centralized, consistent, and dynamically evolving tool for impact management.

ImpactableX is determined to guide founders through the process of impact assessment. We use three components to help founders build impact models for their institutions. The first step is defining the primary impact metrics of the company. We measure the impact of expressions that highlight the relevant drivers of the value proposition of a company. Using our assessment template, we align the measurement metrics to the universal standards as outlined by IRIS+ and the SDGs. The objective is to make sure that everyone is measuring similar units and driving towards the same goal. After definition, we move to attribution. At this stage, we evaluate the contribution made by an organization to the problem. ImpactableX will measure the change attributable to the intervention of a company.

Attribution is a step that provides insights into the efficacy of impact at the level of every unit and the total output derived from this impact over five years. A thorough analysis of impact allows management teams to visualize the impact potential under different circumstances. Impact measurement gives founders the chance to comprehend the value generated by their innovation. There is enormous value created by social impact. ImpactableX will translate this value into revenue.

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