Understanding the Value Propositions That Drive Change Through Impact Evaluation

ImpactableX uses impact modeling strategies to quantify, define, forecast, and value environmental and social impact, equip founders with tools to manage the impact, and provide insights on how to manage the social incentive.


ImpactableX uses exceptional impact modeling strategies to quantify, define, forecast, and value environmental and social impact. We equip founders with the tools necessary to manage the impact. ImpactableX also offers insights on how to manage the social incentive provided through impact creation. It is fundamental to understand that the amount of capital available to growing businesses is enormous. It has become crucial to report and evaluate the social impact potential available to your business. The stakeholders in this space demand a data-oriented approach to the screening of engagements. Every investor and social entrepreneur considers impact metrics essential during the screening process. Any player in the industry must consider impact evaluation. A data-driven approach provides the proof required to claim social impact. Data makes it possible for stakeholders to supervise the process of impact generation in compliance with the set goals.

There are many taxonomies and approaches to impact evaluation. Some of the popular frameworks include SDGs, IMP, B Certification, and IRIS+. Unfortunately, the outlined frameworks offer no guidance in the process of impact evaluation. For this reason, social entrepreneurs and impact funds find them unhelpful. What we want to know is how growing businesses can define, forecast, and quantify the impact derived from sales. Although we may align our operations with IMP, SDGs, B Certification, and IRIS+, it is still impossible to measure quantities. The problem with these approaches is that they do not offer any criteria for measuring impact, especially when the business is young and impact data is nonexistent. Thankfully, ImpactableX is aware of the situation and has come up with a simplified way of evaluating impact. Our criteria align with global standards as outlined by IMP, IRIS+, and the SDGs. We will help organizations define, forecast, and quantify their impact capacity. ImpactableX will also give them access to levers within their operations to manage the impact.

When considering social impact evaluation companies, hire one that will provide fundamental insights. ImpactableX does not use complicated criteria. We help companies identify their impact potential and manage the generated impact in alignment with their goals. Our model will capture the mission of your company. We use three components to evaluate impact. They are definition, valuation, and attribution. ImpactableX will measure the value proposition of your institution and evaluate the extent to which a service or product impacts environmental and social challenges. ImpactableX will drive your organization towards growth and success.

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