Unlock the Impact Potential of Your Organization Through Impact Analysis

The goal was to overcome the complexities and give founders a simple and clear approach to begin gathering impact analysis data.


Many founders think of impact analysis as a hard-to-understand process. This space is indeed rife with numerous approaches and terminologies. Some of them are designed for public companies, ratings, and ESG. Other models examine a product’s life cycle while others measure operational impact. Trying to make sense of things in the process can be disorienting and overwhelming for startup owners. Many people perceive impact analyses as a complicated, time-consuming, and hard process. Most growing business owners keep off impact analysis because they think their small budgets will not be enough to achieve anything. The truth is that impact analysis has the potential to unlock critical resources. Thanks to ImpactableX, the process of impact analysis has become easier.

The methodology used by ImpactableX was designed by an acclaimed impact accelerator. The goal was to overcome the complexities and give founders a simple and clear approach to begin gathering impact analysis data. The framework makes it possible to start making initial assumptions with or without impact data. It also helps to understand the impact mechanics of a company and refine assumptions made over time. Through financial modeling at an early stage, the practice becomes well known. ImpactableX also allows founders to exercise impact modeling at an early stage. By so doing, they can understand the impact capacity of their organizations under various circumstances. A business impact analysis report is the key a startup needs to have a sizeable impact in the market.

Our methodology is effective because it yields more than static snapshots of impact evaluation. There are three components to our impact analysis strategy. They are attribution, valuation, and definition. The valuation stage entails translating impact into financial figures. The process captures the value that had not been reflected on the revenue books of the company. ImpactableX analyzes the newly generated value or the costs saved resulting in impact generations. For instance, there is a social cost to greenhouse gas emissions. Alleviating CO2 emissions results in cost-saving. External value gets integrated into the impact analysis of a business.

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