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ImpactableX believes that
scalable, market-based
innovation has the power to
efficiently and effectively
address the world's most
pressing challenges.

What does this mean for you?
Meaningful impact data and analytics are critical to understanding, managing, building upon and leveraging your mission with integrity. Webelieve that social & environmental impact creates tremendous value. Capturing this value powers business growth.

For founders, we produce analytics that can be leveraged to meet bothimpact and growth goals. For investors, we provide rigorous analyticsthat support comprehensive and informed decision-making. Weempower founders and investors through a proprietary impact modelingprocess that generates customized tools and a standardized, validatedimpact report: ix certified.

As champions of impact measurement and management, we build uponthe united nations sustainable development goals, the impactmanagement project's five dimensions of impact, and other establishedglobal standards.

With an easily accessible investment of time, effort, and money, companies of all sizes and stages are able to partner with impactablex.

Collectively, we can optimize business success as a force for healing, equity, and restoration. This is where human ingenuity transforms globalchallenges into massive market opportunity.

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