Meet OUR team

Our Philosophy

The work we do it as important as the pleasure we get from doing it. We are humbled by the gravity of the problems we help innovators tackle, and are fueled by a fundamental mission to help scale what works. We come together at iX with a spirit of service, a passion for data and a profound devotion to a larger purpose. Its our great joy, and we hustle together with ties that transcend the workplace.

Catherine has worked at the intersection of capital, social innovation & startup execution for over 10 years. Prior to launching ImpactableX, Catherine served as Managing Director at an award-winning impact accelerator, GoodCompany Ventures, where she built multiple global, cross-sector innovation consortiums designed to catalyze, accelerate & deploy new technologies to address the world's most pressing challenges. Her work has been featured in FastCompany, Forbes and the New York Times, among others.

Catherine Griffin

Founder & CEO

Oladipupo is a Wharton MBA with several years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Startup operations across several industries, including consumer goods, retail, technology, consulting, and social impact. Prior to joining ImpactableX, Oladipupo worked at a fortune 500 consumer goods company where he led innovative, record-breaking sales and marketing operations across Africa and the Middle East. He also founded ProEdge, an Ed-Tech impact organization focused on delivering innovative self-development solutions to youths. His work has been awarded by the Jacobs Foundation for its impact on national development.

Ayoola Oladipupo

Business Development Manager

Brandon is currently the owner of EPM Collaborative, a digital marketing agency that supports businesses with business development, SEO and design initiatives. He leads iX strategy in these areas, leveraging his experience with Fortune 500 companies, small privately held businesses, corporate innovation labs, and growth stage start-ups.

Brandon Omalley

Business Development Strategist


Garrett brings a wealth of experience in venture capital and development finance. Prior to helping found GoodCompany Ventures, he was a Venture Capitalist for Safeguard Scientifics where he was responsible for their investment origination and review process, served as Board representative to several private and public companies and represented Safeguard on the investment committee of their affiliated funds and incubator investments.

Garrett Melby

Executive Director, GoodCompany Ventures

Keith serves as a Growth Officer and Advisor, to individuals, teams and brands that have consciously committed to building a sustainable, more prosperous world for all kinds and species. He is a specialist in the establishment and acceleration of business growth and paving the way for sustained forward development.

Keith Wright

Growth Officer, The TAI Group

Chris leads The De-Carceration Fund, designed to invest and support highly innovative enterprises that are working to eliminate the suffering caused by the US Criminal Justice System. Prior to his current role, Chris served as a fund manager for Serious Change Investments, an Impact Venture Capital Fund focused on growing visionary companies.

Chris Bentley

Managing Principal, The De-Carceration Fund