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Solving the world's most pressing challenges unlocks massive value. We define and quantify this value for founders & impact funds, and elevate the solutions that move the needle.

Building your X Model

Quantify with xModeling

We use our unique impact modeling methodology to generate powerful, certified analytics and give founders a dynamic framework to get smarter as their companies grow. Four tiers of analytics - ImpactableX Certified & designed exclusively for startups and impact funds.

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Customer stories

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers think.
Jimmy Chen
Founder & CEO at Propel

"ImpactableX definitely helped us grow and market Propel. Many funders asked us to measure our impact and now we have a rigorous answer."

Chris Bentley
Fund Manager at Serious Change

"The information provided in an analysis is extremely helpful in understanding the real opportunity for impact at scale.

We would love to see every entrepreneur be able to provide this kind of insight into the problems they are solving."

Brian Hill
Founder & CEO at Edovo

"I wouldn't have understood the relationship between revenue and impact without ImpactableX. There is definitely beauty in the simplicity."

Jacob Sills
Co-Founder and CEO at Uptrust

"Working with Catherine and ImpactableX was very helpful for us in translating our day-to-day social impact into concrete, relatable impact metrics and analytics. This was crucial for us as we raised our first institutional fundraise from impact investors and were able to make the clear case that we were a double-bottom line business that generated more impact as we grew revenue."

Dr Parag Agarwal
Founder & CEO at Janajal

"Thank you for the report. This is an outcome of your diligent process, sincere engagement and passion for the social sector which we heartily compliment you for. We are delighted with the outcome and you can be sure that we will reach out to you very soon to meet next level requirements."