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Because if we're really going to move the needle on the world's most pressing challenges, we're going to need our most powerful technologies delivered via business models with massive potential to scale. We need to build and invest in solutions with the greatest potential for meaningful, material impact from the very beginning.

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The Impact Model

At any stage of development, our The Impact Model enables you to measure, value & forecast impact today, and manage it as your company grows.

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ImpactableX enabled us to translate our day-to-day social impact into concrete, relatable impact metrics and analytics. This was crucial for us as we raised our first institutional round from impact investors and were able to make the clear case that we were a double-bottom line business that generated more impact as we grew revenue.

Jacob Sills
CEO, Uptrust

iX definitely helped us grow and market Propel. Many funders have asked us to measure our impact and now we have a rigorous answer.

Jimmy Chen
CEO, Propel, Inc

Our work with iX has given us the most useful and realistic impact projection possible and a totally new way of measuring our impact as an organization. Going forward, we can't help but be evangelists for ImpactableX and the notion of formal impact projections within newsrooms.

Cassie Haynes
Co-CEO, Resolve Philly

It was such a refreshing experience to work with a company like ImpactableX. Defining and quantifying the metrics in relation to our activities was very eye-opening and has helped articulate our vision for maximising positive social impact in our business moving forward.

Folakemi Alli-Balogun


Impact Definition

Defined metrics & outcomes, & alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Impact Attribution

Quantified attributable outcomes, alongside the degree to which these outcomes address the bigger problem addressed

Impact Valuation

Translation of impact into economic value. Capture value creation that's not reflected by revenue alone

Predictive Analytics

Impact volume & value forecasted and aligned with sales & revenue projections

Revenue Integration

The leader in impact measurement & management designed to reflect, integrate with & build upon all business models in every impact vertical

Scenario Modeling

Understand how impact changes with new features & functionality, market adoption, and under various growth scenarios. Optimize for both revenue & impact.

Performance Tracking

Automated tracking of impact actuals at various cadences

Superior Analytics

Our analytics are designed to speak to every stakeholder, by translating impact into the terms that mean something & matter to them

Evidence Backing

All iX impact data & analytics are substantiated by academic research & thoroughly reviewed by our team of analysts

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