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iX guides founders, funders, and brands, through the impact measuring and modeling process to quantify and communicate impact effectively.


First, just enter your URL.

iX will generate a list of key impact metrics for you to choose from.


Then, iX scans & compiles all relevant data sources into our impact measuring algorithm…

The results: validated metrics such as total impact, total economic value, and more, all with fully cited sources.


Connect to our API...

And track progress towards selected targets and KPIs in real time.


Use iX to see what the research says about your long-term impact potential & valuation…

Using financial projections, iX uses live data to create impact models that demonstrate scalability.


For VCs & accelerators, iX performs due diligence & ESG reporting with in-depth research & analysis

iX provides custom insights & tracking at the product, cohort and portfolio level.

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Creating Your

First Model

Here’s how easy it is to get started using Impactable.

Create Your Model

Name your model, and give it a brief description.


Enter Your URL

Enter your URL.


Select Your Metrics

Choose from commonly-used metrics for your specific industry and services, or propose your own metrics for consideration.


Feed the Algorithm

For the most accurate results, upload your company metrics or connect directly to iX with our API so we know about your business activities, your customers, and your impact.


Predict Outcomes & Impact Value

After iX analyzes your inputs, you’ll be presented with meaningful metrics & calculations like total impact, economic value creation, and more, all with fully cited sources.


Forecast Long-Term Potential

How does growth & funding affect your ability to make an impact? iX lets you test various scenarios and make evidence-based predictions.


Share Your Results

Showcase your outcomes & valuation data on investor presentations, websites, and wherever you need to inspire.


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Case Studies

Client Spotlights:

By the Numbers

Here’s how some of our clients are quantifying their impact for maximum ROI

Grid-scale Energy Storage

Global Decarbonization

01 | 05

$87M Raised

Industrial-grade, grid-scale energy storage, and electro-thermal energy storage solutions for energy industry


Total value of carbon emissions reductions, local economic development and job placements

4.5M Tonnes

5yr GHG Emissions avoided from one project

To help measure, track, and promote the success of their decarbonaition efforts, MALTA relies on Impactable's full-suite of impact measurement & modeling tools - MALTA recently gained partnership status with Chevron... Congrats!

Improving America's Saftey Net

Fintech for the Wealth Gap

02 | 05

$68M Raised

A mobile app designed to help users manage their benefits and money


Total value of benefits unlocked for low-income American's


Increased access to benefits for low and middle income families in the US

Propel trusts Impactable to deliver reliable analytics & insights to fuel thir mission of income equality for all

High-performance Plant-based Textiles

Sustainable Production & Consumption

03 | 05

$192M Raised

A new system for how things are made, using the efficiencies of nature


Total value of carbon emissions and waste reductions

48M Lbs

Polyester removed or displaced over 5 years from Clarus Sales

To keep a finger on the pulse of their consumption, production, and waste all along the supply chain, Natural Fiber Welding leverages Impactable for real-time analytics and interactive stakeholder reports

Overdose Detection Systems

Healthcare for All

04 | 05

Overdose detection tools that activate life-saving community response


Total value of healthcare cost savings


Overdose fatalities prevented

Brave makes overdose detection tools that activate life-saving community response

Keeping People Out of Jail

Justice Tech

05 | 05

$3.6M Raised

Reducing technical violations and keeping people out of jail


Value of total savings for Bench Warrants, Rearrests & Prison Admissions over 5 years

57% Reduction

In Technical Violations for Defendants on Probation or Parole

Uptrust empowers attorneys, probation & parole staff, and other officials to create more positive, supportive relationships with their clients through direct communication and community-based social service referrals

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Enhance your sales calls & investor presentations with impact metrics & high-level context that paints a bigger picture.

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