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Meet iX, Your AI

iX guides founders, funders, and brands, through the impact measuring and modeling process to quantify and communicate impact effectively.


First, just enter your URL.

iX will generate a list of key impact metrics for you to choose from.


Then, iX scans & compiles all relevant data sources into our impact measuring algorithm…

The results: validated metrics such as total impact, total economic value, and more, all with fully cited sources.


Connect to our API...

And track progress towards selected targets and KPIs in real time.


Use iX to see what the research says about your long-term impact potential & valuation…

Using financial projections, iX uses live data to create impact models that demonstrate scalability.


For VCs & accelerators, iX performs due diligence & ESG reporting with in-depth research & analysis

iX provides custom insights & tracking at the product, cohort and portfolio level.

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We’ve served hundreds of startups, impact funds, accelerators consultants & advisory firms, helping to unlock over $180M+ in private capital for companies
building a better world.

What We Offer

Explore some of the ways you can partner with Impactable today.

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Custom Webinars & Workshops

Let Impactable create personalized educational courses for your clients. During the webinars, we’ll walk through important topics like:

What is impact, and how to measure it?

What are impact measurement & modeling (IMM) tools and why they matter?

How to use IMM to raise funding and drive revenue?

How to use Impactable to build your Impact model?


Plus, you’ll receive exclusive perks and discounts for your clients if they wish to sign up after course completion.

This Offer is Great For:

  • Accelerators
  • Startup Coaches
  • Impact Funds
  • Consulting & Advisory Firms

Partners We’ve Collaborated With:

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Joint Client Offering

Expand your service offerings and impress your clients with Impactable reporting – by integrating Impactable into your services, you’ll be able to provide:

Impact measuring & modeling for startups, business & brands

Due diligence reports for impact funds, VCs & portfolio companies

Impact reporting for philanthropies, associations & high net-worth clients


This Offer is Great For:

  • Due Diligence Firms
  • Consulting & Advisory Firms
  • Research Organizations
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Referral Program

Reach out to learn more about our referral program rewards.

This Offer is Great For:

  • Accelerators
  • Startup Coaches
  • Impact Funds
  • Portfolio Companies
  • Consulting & Advisory Firms

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