A Simplified Impact Evaluation Framework for Accelerated Business Growth

ImpactableX uses an impact evaluation framework that makes the process simple.


There are many confusing terminologies and approaches in the space of impact evaluation. Most of us are familiar with the United Nations SDGs. There are seventeen top-level goals around which stakeholders agree to align their operations. We also have IRIS+, IMP, and B certifications. Impact investors and social entrepreneurs find these frameworks to be of little help during the practice of impact evaluation. It is hard to understand how growing companies can quantify the environmental and social impact derived from sales. Although a company might align itself with IRIS+, SDGs, and IMP, it is still hard to comprehend how this measures quantities. The situation is more perplexing if the company is at an early stage where primary data is nonexistent or scarce. Thankfully, ImpactableX uses an impact evaluation framework that makes the process simple. Our dynamically evolving framework models impact generation in line with IMP, IRIS+, and the SDGs. ImpactableX helps companies to quantify their potential for impact. We also give clients insights that enable them to manage impact accordingly.

Each of our models was designed to capture the mission of every company. Our consistent framework entails three components. They are attribution, definition, and valuation. We start by defining the primary impact metrics of the company. They are the expressions that highlight the value of a company. We then measure the extent to which products or services impact an environmental or social challenge. The last stage is the evaluation of the economic impact of the institution. The impact generated is ultimately converted into financial figures. The social impact could create external value that is not reflected in the revenue of a company. ImpactableX links this value to revenue to unlock valuable insights into the efficiency of a business model.

ImpactableX uses a simple process to evaluate impact. Our trained experts can guide clients through the steps of impact evaluation. The process starts by defining the primary impact metrics and reviewing the institutional model that drives these metrics. Our team will review the submissions and generate a report that offers insights into impact creation. The mission is to scale impact using our resources.

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