An Impactable Case Study: NFWs High-Performance, Plant-Based Textiles

Natural Fiber Welding (NFW") is a disruptive material science company that creates sustainable, high-performing materials and textiles that are 100% free of plastic and petrochemicals. The company has created a proprietary process utilizing all-natural, plant-based sustainable materials to produce fabrics, leather-alternative, rubber, foam, and other high-performance materials from agricultural waste without the need for petrochemicals.

NFW's vision is to eliminate plastics and bioplastics with materials made from all-natural ingredients (nutrients) for a more sustainable future. NFW has two patented product lines in production: MIRUM®, a leather alternative; and CLARUS™, a high-performance textile replacement for synthetic fibers. The company is also heavily focused on continued development of supplemental product lines including shoe soles and foams.

Impactable worked with partner, Tidal Impact, to produce a due diligence report for investors. The company was raising $30M quickly and investors wanted to understand their impact mechanics and potential. They had some analysis of their energy and water usage during the manufacturing process, but little understanding of the impact they could have at scale. With Impactable’s analysis, they were able to close their round at lightening speed.

Configure Models

NFW sells three key products, a leather alternative called Mirum, a polyester alternative called Clarus, and a rubber alternative for show soles. We set up one model for each product.

Populate Models

Each model starts with a unit-level impact analysis. Mirum and Clarus are sold by the square-meter, so the NFW team entered values for key impact metrics per square-meter of product sold. We focused on two key impact metrics: energy required for production and waste produced. Impactable instantly compared NFW’s metrics with those of the materials they’re designed to replace and quantified the key results or outcomes.

Since NFW was raising a round, they entered their financial projections, and Impactable instantly forecasted impact projections as well.


Here is a snap shot of some of the analytics Impactable generated for their report:

With these kinds of analytics, NFW is well positioned to approach new customers, delight existing ones and illustrate to both current and future impact investors the results they drive. Want an analysis like this for your company or portfolio? We invite you to book a call with us here.  

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