The Value of Impact Analysis for Social Entrepreneurs and Startups

Social impact measurement gives founders the tools they need to build institutions that are reflective of their mission.


There is a massive social asset waiting to get exploited by startups. Unfortunately, social entrepreneurs find it hard to quantify impact creation because of the complexity of the terminologies in this space. Founders often lack an understanding of the models of business that drive environmental and social impact and the value created as a result. Social impact measurement gives founders the tools they need to build institutions that are reflective of their mission. It also yields powerful proof points that help unlock the massive impact of the capital market. Social entrepreneurs want clarity regarding the impact of their companies' operations. However, they feel perplexed and overwhelmed about where and how to start. The expectation is that the cost of impact analysis will exceed the small budget. Thankfully, ImpactableX has developed a simplified impact assessment model to generate verified impact analytics. Founders can measure the impact generated under different scenarios using our modeling framework. They can also use insights from our team to make decisions that maximize impact and revenue.

The impact modeling methodology used by ImpactableX can be applied to any organizational model, any level of impact, and any development stage. The model allows founders to revise inputs to the model as sales estimates change and new impact data gets collected. The objective is to understand the new consequences better. ImpactableX uses an approach that offers more insights than static quantification snapshots. The model offers dynamically evolving, centralized, and consistent management tools. Our team guides founders during impact assessment. The value we bring outweighs the investment made in ImpactableX.

Our impact analysis model entails three components: attribution, valuation, and definition. We start by defining the primary impact metrics of the company. These are the measurable units that capture the value proposition of a company. Our assessment template then aligns the metrics with global standards, such as IRIS+ and the SDGs. The goal is to ensure that we are all measuring the same units and working towards the same goal. ImpactableX measures the contribution made by a company to a problem during attribution. We measure the change that can be attributed to the intervention of the company. The thorough business analysis allows teams to start seeing the impact potential of the company under various circumstances.

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